East Men's Indoor Hockey - please contact Duncan Service for further information.

East Ladies Indoor Hockey 2016-2017

Indoor MRF 2016-2017    Indoor Rules   FIH Rule Change

League 1

League 2


Everything you need for the indoor season .

Above is a copy of teams contact details . Also attached is District rules and a Copy of NEW RULES. Please read and provide a copy to all your umpires . I would ask for you to send me a list of Umpires you intend to use this season for games. If your club has two teams, I also need a squad list for teams please.

Above is a link to fixtures live . I record results onto this and I ask you to return team sheet to me either by post or email with 7 days of game being played. This year I will only give one warning (no matter what excuse) for late return. There after points will be deducted.

Please read rules regarding matches. Time for games is back to back so Umpires it's important that games start on time please. This also goes for weekly games , please in Devereux to play all matches listed.

Catherine Lambert Cup will run late Feb start of Match I will be in touch in Dec time.

I ask you to check all listed fixtures for your club , these are all manually put in ( so mistakes can be made,  even though I have checked it over and over)

If your still reading this , well done any questions any of the above info incorrect please gives a shout.

Could you please just email me back ASAP  that you have received so I know we are good for the start of the season.

Thanks for your time